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we go for Uniqueness

Welcome to our world of unique and absolutely stunningly beautiful products. We have chosen products & and its suppliers with great care. Bellow yoy find some of the products we have in our showroom or can order. We can not show all lovely stuff - but please ASK us for your needs.  


If you find something you like, YOU will have the opportunity to search for more information about price, availability, etc. from us. Enjoy the tour & welcome to our passionate universe.

note: many of the pictures are from our suppliers marketing material

I am interested in your product(s) and want to know more. Passion for DSGN please contact me for more information. I do NOT commit to purchase.


Dining Chairs

Beautiful and comfortable dining chairs in the best quality that brighten up your dinners. Here you will also find benches and stools


Armchairs & Sofas

Beautiful, qualitative and comfortable sofas and armchairs. Note that many of the models can be ordered in different sizes, colors, materials, etc


Outdoor Tables

Be Out, Be Social, Enjoy Life & DO IT IN STYLE


Outdoor Chairs

You spend a lot of time with your family and friends eating and socializing outdoors. Sit comfortably and at the same time enjoy YOUR beautiful chairs

font tables.png


The TABLE is the center of our social contexts. Here you will find our selected dinner tables, coffee tables, side tables etc


Outdoor Sofas & Lounge Groups

Start or end YOUR day in one of our comfortable and beautiful sofas or lounge groups. No, why not- STAY ALL DAY IN THESE COZY FURNITURE!




The lamp should not only provide light but in itself contribute to the overall beauty of the room.. in short, NICE IT SHOULD BE!

Central piece - yes, let your CABINET be what people talk about after a visit to you - storage & design must go together = TRUE



Cozy, Cozy, Cozy.....Sleep tight

HASTA mañana 



Lazy wonderful chill days... YOU are so worth it! Pamper yourself with our sunbeds

Passion Guarantee

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